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Airwatergreen AB is a Swedish air treatment company that offers energy-efficient dehumidification in all climates. We design and manufacture products that effectively remove moisture and odor, which prolongs the life of buildings, goods and equipment, and creates a healthier workplace environment to stay in.

The products are designed with a patented technology called heat condensation, a technology that gives the products a number of unique advantages. Advantages are half the energy needed, easy to install and the same efficiency in all temperatures. We have installations in 7 countries.

Core Competences: Our air dehumidifiers are developed and manufactured in Sweden and based on patented technology called heat condensation. This technology provides a range of unique benefits. Benefits are halved energy consumption, ease of installation and the same efficiency at all temperatures.

When we say simple installation, this applies especially to underground installations because we do not need ventilation pipes to remove moisture. We produce dry air and water directly at the machine. Water can easily be led through a floor well or pipe connection, which drastically reduces installation costs.

Industry Sectors
We have installations in buildings and infrastructure. In Distributed heating, Commercial buildings, Water & Sewage infrastructure, Cultural buildings, Schools

Stockholm Water
Swedish church
Göteborgs Kretslopp och Vatten
Akademiska houses
Riksarkivet (National archives)

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Procurement Codes
Gases, chemicals, waste collection and radiation equipment
Health, safety and environment

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Airwatergreen AB
Lastbilsgatan 9, SE-754 54 Uppsala
+47 88 800 44 00

Bo Tiderman
+46 70 581 82 72